With an absolute love for nature and a background in art therapy and observation, I combine my passions for photography, discovery, and exploration to create imagery. 

The specifics and details of what I observe blend together in my mind’s eye, and it is that blending, that compilation and abstraction of specific moments, that I hope to capture in my current body of work.  If I had to put words to it, I might call it “post-modern neo-impressionism”, but what it really amounts to is a combining and softening of environment and time into images that I hope encompass many moments, many thoughts, many feelings.

The images I create simplify what the bare eye sees, turning it into what we perceive when we look with a softer gaze, observing the essence rather than the specifics.   It is a kind of minimalism, a reduction into sheer line, color, and movement, that represents something unclear which nevertheless feels familiar and recognizable....something like a dream or a memory.

My photographs may take one into an ethereal, tranquil, otherworldly place,  while providing a calm and soothing feel to both the viewer and the environment. 

My images are pure photography, created ‘in-camera’ without digital manipulation.

It is my sincere hope that these images inspire others to look more deeply into our natural world, and to find in it, as I do, serenity and healing.

Grace Berge